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September 2017 Archives

Safety must always be a priority at businesses open to the public

Being safe when you are out and about is something that you likely try to do. One thing that you can't control is hazards in stores and other businesses you frequent. When there are hazards present, there is a chance that you might fall and hurt yourself.

Use caution when you are shopping

Going shopping shouldn't be a threat to your safety or life; however, it is possible that you will face certain hazards while you are there. Stores have a duty to do everything possible, within reason, to keep people who are shopping safe. Here are a few things to think about when you are shopping:

Keeping kids safe on the walk to school

With school back in session now in Colorado, mornings are a lot more hectic for everyone, whether it's drivers, parents or school kids. Not only is there heavier traffic from buses and school carpools, but for many parents, there's the worry about their children's safety on the walks to and from school.

Was your car accident caused by a tired driver?

At some point in his or her life, every Colorado driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle while a little tired. However, driving while legitimately fatigued is both dangerous and reckless. Most people fail to see how fatigued driving could lead to a higher chance of a car accident, but it can be quite risky to drive when excessively tired.

You might be shocked by the impact of a brain injury

The effects of a brain injury are something that can't usually be predicted early on. In some cases, the medical team taking care of the patient can take an educated guess about what is going to happen; however, because of various factors, this isn't always accurate.

Did a vehicle defect result in an injury-causing crash?

Having a vehicle often means that you have the ability to travel where you like when you like. When purchasing your car, you may have carried out extensive research in order to ensure that your purchase provided the safety measures and enjoyable features that you preferred. Of course, even after buying your car, you may have discovered a serious issue.

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