Was Your Car Accident Caused by a Tired Driver?

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At some point in his or her life, every Colorado driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle while a little tired. However, driving while legitimately fatigued is both dangerous and reckless. Most people fail to see how fatigued driving could lead to a higher chance of a car accident, but it can be quite risky to drive when excessively tired.

A surprising number of people admit to driving while fatigued. A startlingly high number of these drivers also admit to actually falling asleep behind the wheel. Drowsy drivers may demonstrate dangerous behaviors while behind the wheel, even while they are unaware that they are doing so. If you believe that a fatigued driver caused your accident, you could have grounds for a civil claim.

The dangers of fatigued driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that as many as 100,000 traffic accidents every year relate to fatigued driving in some way. Tired drivers are responsible for a significant number of traffic fatalities, property damage and accident-related losses. Many people underestimate the serious nature of fatigued driving. Consider these facts about tired driving:

  • Many people overestimate their abilities to drive while tired and underestimate how fatigued they actually are.
  • Drowsy driving could cause car accidents due to drivers’ inattention.
  • Shift workers, men and adults with children are more likely to drive while fatigued.

A fatigued driver may not even be aware that he or she is acting irresponsibly or negligent by getting behind the wheel when excessively tired or exhausted. However, it is still negligent to operate a vehicle when impaired, whether that is from alcohol, drugs or even fatigue. If a tired driver caused you harm, it is possible to actually hold that person accountable for his or her actions. You have a right to know your options, which may include the option to seek financial compensation through a personal injury claim.

Don’t fall asleep to your right to recompense

After a car accident, it is important to act quickly to ensure that you do not compromise your ability to seek full and fair compensation. Whether fatigued driving or another factor played a role in your accident, you have the right to move forward with whatever legal option is best for you.

If you feel unsure of what you should do or believe that you may have grounds for a civil claim, a complete evaluation of your case can reveal the next steps for you.

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