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Grand Junction And Western Colorado Personal Injury Law Blog

Colorado winters can be especially dangerous for travelers

If you're a winter-sport enthusiast, you may have settled in Colorado because of its claim to fame for some of the best ski slopes in the nation. In addition to skiing, you may be one of the thousands who enjoy snow-tubing, dog-sled rides or one of many other winter activities that are highly popular in this state. While there is definitely no shortage of outdoor winter fun, navigating icy roadways can be a real drag.  

Numerous factors, including inexperience, lack of knowledge or reckless behavior, can significantly increase the risk of collision when drivers get behind the wheel in winter. No matter how cautious and alert you happen to be, if a nearby driver is speeding or simply doesn't know how to steer out of a skid, you may wind up suffering severe injuries if a crash occurs. A key factor to achieving a full recovery after such an incident lies in the type of support you can access. 

Don't underestimate the dangers of parking lots

If you made it through the holidays without an accident in a parking lot or indoor parking structure, consider yourself lucky. If you didn't, you're not alone.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), drivers and pedestrians are involved in over 50,000 crashes annually in parking lots and garages. Some 60,000-plus people suffer injuries, and at least 500 are killed in these collisions.

Indoor pools carry unique dangers

Coloradoans rely on indoor swimming pools to get their laps in during the many months of the year when outdoor swimming isn't possible. All pools carry some potential dangers if they aren't properly maintained or if property managers and swimmers don't take basic safety precautions. However, indoor pools carry dangers that aren't present in outdoor ones.

All pools need to be treated with chemicals such as chlorine to help avoid the spread of bacteria, viruses and contaminants. This is particularly crucial during the winter when those using the pool are more likely to be suffering from colds or the flu and don't realize it or are determined to swim anyway. Pools in health clubs and recreational centers where groups may congregate for classes can be breeding grounds for all sorts of nasty viruses during the winter.

Know how to handle a slip-and-fall accident claim

When the weather is snowy, businesses must ensure that they aren't allowing the areas just inside the interior doors to become too wet. This can be difficult because the bottoms of shoes and boots can grab onto snow, which can track it indoors. People coming in and going out could slip and fall on the wet conditions.

Because businesses have to do their part to protect their customers from obvious hazards, not doing anything just isn't acceptable. In fact, this could be labeled as negligence and used as the basis of a personal injury claim based on premises liability.

Be ready if someone crashes into you this winter

Now that the cold weather has made its way to our area, it is important for all drivers to have their vehicles ready in case of an accident. The last thing that you need to worry about is being stranded in the cold while injured after a collision caused by another driver. We know that you are hoping to make it through the winter without having any incidents on the road. Unfortunately, you can't control how other drivers operate their vehicles.

Before you head out the door on your next drive, make sure that you have a couple of blankets in your vehicle. In the trunk, pack some gloves, a hat and some warm clothing. Don't forget to add a snow shovel to clear the snow away from the tailpipe. If you need to start your vehicle to run the heater to keep warm, if the tailpipe gets blocked, deadly exhaust can seep into the vehicle.

Riding the chairlift is a means to an end that could cause injury

It's still ski season here in Colorado, and now that the holidays are over, you may look forward to sneaking away on the weekends to take advantage of one of the state's many ski resorts.

For many, skiing provides a sense of freedom they can't get anywhere else. As any veteran skier knows, getting to the top of the slopes requires riding the chairlift. Following the appropriate chairlift etiquette could help make sure that you have a good day on the slopes.

Increased awareness of concussions can help young athletes

Growing awareness of the long-term impact of concussions on professional athletes has led researchers and sports medicine professionals to look more closely at injuries suffered by student-athletes.

Concussions aren't just for boys. In fact, the number of girls between 14 and 19 who have suffered concussions has doubled in the past decade. Girls' soccer and basketball are second and third behind football when it comes to the incidence of high school concussions.

2018 has already seen 600 fatalities on Colorado roads

As the year drew to a close, the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) announced that seven crashes within three days had recently claimed nine lives on Colorado roads. All of them, according to the CSP, were preventable.

As of Dec. 27, the number of fatalities for the year was at 600. Even though that's slightly lower than last year, it still makes 2018 one of the deadliest for Colorado drivers in the past decade.

Hold the liable party accountable for your brain injury

Many different accidents can lead to a brain injury. While some of these aren't serious, others are life-changing. It is imperative that you consider the root cause of the injury so that you can determine whether you should take legal action or not. We know that thinking about this might not be easy when you are suffering, but you should consider your options as soon after the accident as possible.

A brain injury causes many impacts to the victim, including physical and mental effects. Some of these depend on the severity of the injury and the location of it. When there are global impacts, meaning the injury impacts many areas of the body, the person might not fully recover. In these cases, intensive assistance and medical care might be necessary. These are often very costly, and there isn't any reason for the victim to be responsible for these costs when someone's negligence lead to the injury.

Your actions are not always enough to prevent a hunting accident

Big game seasons are over in fall, but small game hunting is in full swing in Colorado. While hunting rabbits and ducks may not have the same kinds of risks, you must still be aware of some of the common hazards, especially if you hunt with your children.

You may think it could never happen to you, but accidental shootings are among the top ten causes of death among children older than infants. In fact, thousands of children and teens end up injured or hospitalized after an accidental shooting, and hundreds die in an average year. There are steps you can take to reduce the risk of such a tragedy occurring in your family this winter.

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