Use Caution When You Are Shopping

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Going shopping shouldn’t be a threat to your safety or life; however, it is possible that you will face certain hazards while you are there. Stores have a duty to do everything possible, within reason, to keep people who are shopping safe. Here are a few things to think about when you are shopping:

Bacterial hazards exist. These are often very difficult to control. Think about how many people touch the shopping cart handles. If one of those people sneezes into a hand and touches the cart, the germs from that person can spread to others who touch that spot. There are also some risks of bacterial hazards in areas where food is processed, such as the deli.

Slipping hazards are another issue in stores. This is especially common when it rains or snows. The water from each person’s shoes can track into the store. Using mats and blowers might help to reduce the risk of slips. This hazard also exists if someone drops something that contains liquid. Using signs and cleaning up right away can help to keep people safe.

Obstacles in the store can also be dangerous. Cords that are strung across the floor, things that have fallen from the shelves and similar items on the floors can lead to people tripping. Ideally, nothing will be left on the floors if it poses a trip hazard.

If you are injured in an accident at a store, make sure that you take note of the area around you. This information might help you once you get ready to seek compensation for the injury.

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