Drunk Driver Injury Attorney In Grand Junction

Representing The Wronged In Mesa County

Despite strict laws and penalties for DUI, drunk drivers kill and injure many people every year. Causing an accident while driving drunk isn’t just a traffic violation – it is often a misdemeanor or felony offense for reckless and grossly negligent conduct.

If you are the injured victim of a drunk driver, you are entitled to seek full and fair compensation. Grand Junction car accident attorney Chadwick McGrady offers compassionate yet aggressive representation in these kinds of traffic situations. He understands what you are going through and strives to help you obtain a favorable resolution.

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Double The Trouble

Unfortunately, drivers who get behind the wheel after drinking are often the same drivers who fail to carry adequate auto insurance. This leaves them unprepared to cover the costs of the damages they inflict on victims of their negligence. Fast representation is important because it allows your attorney to determine the available insurance coverage and ensure that applicable statutes of limitations are met. A statute of limitations is the time period during which the law requires a suit to be filed. If the deadline is missed, the claim will forever be barred or lapsed.

Grand Junction drunk driver accident attorney Chadwick McGrady has extensive experience representing clients in claims for recovering uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage from their own auto insurance policies. You need money to cover your financial losses and future needs. Chadwick McGrady can help you get it.

You Don’t Pay Unless You Win

You’ve paid enough already through no fault of your own. It will cost you nothing more to get the help you need. The Law Office of Chadwick McGrady, P.C., handles all insurance litigation claims on a contingency basis. If you do not recover money in a settlement or jury award, you will not pay attorney fees.

What If A Friend Or Family Member Was Driving Drunk?

Passengers injured in a car crash are generally entitled to seek damages, even if the driver of their car was 100% at fault. Many people are concerned about suing a friend or family member for compensation. Remember, the lawsuit is typically against the insurance company responsible for the coverage, not the individual. It is the insurance company’s duty to pay for claims. Insurance companies earn billions of dollars taking premiums. When you need compensation, the insurance company needs to do the right thing.

Attorney Chadwick McGrady can handle every aspect of your claim, from the initial investigation through trial preparations. He is not afraid to sue the drunk driver who hurt you and looks forward to helping you recover from this incident.

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