Colorado Winters Can Be Especially Dangerous for Travelers

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On behalf of Law Office of Chadwick McGrady, P.C. on Thursday, January 17, 2019. If you’re a winter-sport enthusiast, you may have settled in Colorado because of its claim to fame for some of the best ski slopes in the nation. In addition to skiing, you may be one of the thousands who enjoy snow-tubing, dog-sled rides or one of many other winter activities that are highly popular in this state. While there is definitely no shortage of outdoor winter fun, navigating icy roadways can be a real drag.

Numerous factors, including inexperience, lack of knowledge or reckless behavior, can significantly increase the risk of collision when drivers get behind the wheel in winter. No matter how cautious and alert you happen to be, if a nearby driver is speeding or simply doesn’t know how to steer out of a skid, you may wind up suffering severe injuries if a crash occurs. A key factor to achieving a full recovery after such an incident lies in the type of support you can access.

Problem factors that increase winter collision risk

Proper car maintenance can often prevent auto accidents at any time of year. During winter, the following issues especially place travelers at risk:

  • Worn tires: Treads give your tires grip ability, which is particularly important on slippery roads. If you’re sharing a snowy or icy road with a driver whose tires are bald, you are in great danger.
  • Unclear windshields: When was the last time you replaced your windshield wiper blades, and do you always make sure your windshield is completely clean of slush or ice before driving? Poor visibility due to an unclean windshield is a causal factor in many winter collisions.
  • Lack of skill, combined with negligence: Many drivers are unfortunately unaware that maneuvering a car when road conditions are wet, snowy or icy isn’t the same as driving on a dry road. Drivers need to use extreme caution when braking, turning and especially traveling in reverse because it is easy for a car to spin out of control when road conditions are poor.

Arriving safely to your destination is far more likely if you learn as much as you can ahead of time about driving on wintry roads. Even so, you cannot guarantee that nearby motorists are experienced, skilled or cautious drivers.

Driver negligence often causes injury

Chances are, if you frequent Colorado roads in winter, you are bound to encounter an unsafe driver at some point. If that happens and you suffer an injury, it is important to know where to seek support to help you achieve physical and economic recovery for any injuries or damages you suffer.

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