Do You Know What Signs Could Point to an Impaired Driver?

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No one wants to think that he or she is near a drunk driver while traveling the roads. Unfortunately, a substantial number of people get behind the wheel after drinking, and though not all of them cause accidents, they still put you and others on the road at risk. While making it home safely and never knowing a driver around you was impaired may be a best-case scenario, you may find yourself in other situations where you suspect a driver may be under the influence of alcohol or otherwise impaired.

You may notice people carrying out questionable driving behaviors all the time. After all, the roads contain many distracted and overall bad drivers. However, you may find yourself feeling particularly concerned about a driver who seems unable to operate their vehicle correctly.

Signs of an impaired driver

Though your instincts may tell you that a driver is posing dangers to others, you may also think you are overreacting. It may help you to determine whether an impaired driver is near if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Is the driver tailgating others?
  • Is the driver swerving or unable to stay in the correct lane?
  • Is the driver going under the speed limit by 10 mph or more?
  • Is the driver speeding up or slowing down quickly or erratically?
  • Is the driver making sudden turns or turning illegally?
  • Is the driver stopping without reason?
  • Is the driver driving on areas other than the road, like on the sidewalk?

These and many other concerning actions could signal that an impaired driver is behind the wheel. Any time you suspect that a drunk or drugged driver is on the road, do not try to intervene personally. Instead, get off the road and away from the driver as safely as possible. If you are able, notice identifying details of the vehicle and possibly get the license plate number. After you have pulled over, contact emergency services and provide the information.

An accident involving a drunk driver

Unfortunately, you may not have a chance to notice the signs of a drunk driver or the driver may not present any of these mentioned signs before causing an accident that involves you. If you suffer serious injuries in such an event, you will likely have reason to take legal action against the driver considered at fault in order to seek compensation for damages permitted under Colorado state law.

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