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August 2018 Archives

Seeking compensation has 2 purposes after a car wreck

The days that follow a car wreck are usually painful, but they are still filled with activity. You might need to deal with insurance matters and may have doctor visits. All of this comes during a time when you are sore from the jarring effect the impact had on your body. If the crash led to a catastrophic injury to an occupant of the vehicle, there is much more going on.

Understanding the seat belt defense

From the time you were old enough to sit in a car without a car seat, you probably heard admonitions to buckle up. In addition to parents and other adults reminding you of the importance of fastening your seat belt, your driver's education teacher probably impressed on you the value of using this safety device.

Falling leaves can pose a slip hazards for people walking

As the weather starts to change into that of fall, the leaves are going to start falling. This can pose a risk to people who are walking around on sidewalks and in parking lots. When leaves become damp, they can become slick, which could lead to a person slipping on them. There is also a chance that the leaves will pile up and hide defects that can lead a person to trip or fall.

Do you trust your child's bus driver?

Like many parents of Colorado students, you may not give a second thought to putting your child on a school bus in the morning. Perhaps you went to school on a bus yourself, and aside from the bumpy ride, you are no worse for the wear. In fact, you may have looked forward to the extended ride as time to chat with friends, read a book or finish your homework.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy studies show interesting results

One of the troubling things about a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is that there is a chance that more serious conditions will come from them. One of these is chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which has been undiagnosable until an autopsy is done after someone's death. This is very troublesome because CTE can cause significant issues, including the person becoming violent or turning to suicide.

Helping a child with a brain injury can be difficult

Learning that your child was injured is a terrible experience for a parent. When the injury is head trauma, you have to worry about a brain injury that might impact the child for the rest of their life. This is a difficult fact to cope with, but it is reality for many parents. Trying to find ways to help your child might become the new focal point of your life.

Seeking the full amount of recompense you need after an accident

A car accident can leave Colorado victims with various types of injuries and financial losses that can impact their lives for years to come. If you decide to move forward with a civil claim after your accident, it is important to ensure you seek the full amount you need and deserve. You could have a rightful claim to damages.

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