Falling Leaves Can Pose a Slip Hazards for People Walking

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2018 | Premises Liability

As the weather starts to change into that of fall, the leaves are going to start falling. This can pose a risk to people who are walking around on sidewalks and in parking lots. When leaves become damp, they can become slick, which could lead to a person slipping on them. There is also a chance that the leaves will pile up and hide defects that can lead a person to trip or fall.

While property owners can’t stop the leaves from falling, they should make sure that they aren’t posing a hazard to the people who are coming onto the property. Having the leaves swept or blown off the walking surfaces can be a tremendous help when it comes to safety.

It is easy to discount a slip and fall as being a minor incident, but there can be very serious injuries that result. An elderly person who has frail bones might suffer a broken hip. Someone might hit their head. A broken wrist might result from trying to catch yourself as you are falling. All of these can require medical care and might even lead to life impacts that last far into the future.

When an individual falls on another person’s property and suffers an injury, a claim for compensation might be forthcoming. This helps to cover the costs of medical care the person needs. It can also provide repayment for missed wages if they had to take off work. Other types of damages are also possible. Reviewing your case and looking into how the injuries impacted you can clue you into what you might include in your claim.

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