Man Suffers Brain Injury on a Domestic American Airlines Flight

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2017 | Brain Injury

There are several things that can lead to brain injury. You might not think of flying as something that is going to lead to this issue unless the plane crashes. One man found out the hard way that you can’t always count on a reportedly safe method of transportation to be wholly risk-free.

A man suffered a brain injury on an American Airlines flight when the beverage cart broke loose from the place where it was secured and came crashing into him. The cart was fully stocked at the time and it weighed 300 pounds.

When the beverage cart slammed into the man, he lost consciousness. He suffered a gash on the head that was bleeding profusely. There was a nurse on the flight who helped the man for the duration of the trip because the pilot refused to make an emergency landing.

This man has taken legal action because he suffered a traumatic brain injury in this incident. He is also reportedly suffering from the post-concussive syndrome. As you can imagine, these are serious injuries that can greatly impact his life.

When it comes to brain injuries, patients often have to deal with considerable financial damages. The cost of medical care and the financial impact of missing work can combine to create a perfect financial storm that leads to utter devastation.

One option that those who suffer a brain injury in an accident have is to seek compensation for damages. This can be a difficult process that takes time, but it might help to alleviate the financial pressure.

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