Why You Should Take Action If Bitten by an Animal

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2016 | Premises Liability

Sometimes when people are bitten by a friend’s or neighbor’s dog, they hesitate to file a claim because they don’t want to harm the relationship or just want to keep the peace. However, homeowners insurance policies generally cover injuries that people’s pets inflict on others. Therefore, if you’ve had to pay for medical care to treat the injury or had other expenses, including lost wages, as the result of the bite, you can and should seek compensation for them.

At The Law Office of Chadwick McGrady, P.C., we help clients get a full and fair settlement from the pet owner’s insurance company. We handle not just dog bite cases, but injuries caused by other animals such as horses and livestock.

Animal owners may seek to work out a settlement with the victim on their own. However, it’s important to take the appropriate legal steps.

If you are bitten or attacked by an animal, be sure to get the contact information of any witnesses. This can be essential if an insurance company tries to say that you provoked the attack. Then, it’s essential to seek medical treatment and to keep records of any doctor’s visits, medication you’re prescribed, shots you receive and other treatment for the injury.

If you’ve been bitten or injured by an animal, we can help determine who can and should be held liable. This can include, in addition to the animal’s owner, a landlord, a property owner or an animal caretaker, such as a shelter. These people should all have insurance to cover injuries caused by animals.

At The Law Office of Chadwick McGrady, P.C., we’ve been providing compassionate and aggressive advocacy for our clients for almost 15 years. Don’t go up against an insurance company alone. Let us help you.

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