In Memory of Delaney Clements

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We had a very special young girl pass away in our community today Delaney Clements.

She was a part of our community and such a strong solider and dancing queen that brought a light to this community that no one else could through her long hard journey.

For more information check out her go fund me account which we will be contributing to

Delaney Clements: In Her Own Words

Delaney Clements: In Her Own Words…A few months ago Delaney asked us to re-post this video on the day that she died. It has some very important messages that she hopes will make you feel better. Please watch and share this important video.Please note: As you will be able to tell from watching this video, Delaney was very comfortable answering these difficult questions. We formed a relationship with Delaney and interviewed her several times over the past two years. These were all issues that had been on her mind and she wanted to talk about them publicly.

Posted by TheTruth365 on Monday, March 21, 2016

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