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What behaviors count as impaired driving?

Colorado readers know that impaired driving is a dangerous threat to the safety of other motorists, but this type of behavior can include much more than just drunk driving. Impaired driving happens when a person is operating a vehicle while affected by something else, ultimately resulting in less-than-safe behavior behind the wheel.

Protecting the well-being of Colorado pedestrians

There are many reasons why a person would choose to walk rather than drive a car, ride a bike or take public transportation. Many Colorado workers live within a reasonable distance from work, making walking a healthy and inexpensive way to get to work. Some walk for pleasure or exercise, but no matter why you are traveling by foot, you have the right to do so safely.

Keeping kids safe on the walk to school

With school back in session now in Colorado, mornings are a lot more hectic for everyone, whether it's drivers, parents or school kids. Not only is there heavier traffic from buses and school carpools, but for many parents, there's the worry about their children's safety on the walks to and from school.

Was your car accident caused by a tired driver?

At some point in his or her life, every Colorado driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle while a little tired. However, driving while legitimately fatigued is both dangerous and reckless. Most people fail to see how fatigued driving could lead to a higher chance of a car accident, but it can be quite risky to drive when excessively tired.

Did a vehicle defect result in an injury-causing crash?

Having a vehicle often means that you have the ability to travel where you like when you like. When purchasing your car, you may have carried out extensive research in order to ensure that your purchase provided the safety measures and enjoyable features that you preferred. Of course, even after buying your car, you may have discovered a serious issue.

Is a seat belt worth the use?

Many people have differing views on whether to wear a seat belt while inside a vehicle. However, you certainly know that a seat belt can offer protection in the event that a car accident takes place. As a driver, you may need to remind your passengers to buckle up to ensure that they remain as safe as possible while you travel together.

Are you fully certain you are fully insured?

There are so many options available nowadays with regard to automobile insurance, it can be difficult to choose what is most viable in a particular situation. If you're like many other Colorado motorists, you may change your policy from time to time, according to finances, lifestyle or circumstances. Some people make the mistake of thinking they are fully insured when they're not; others fail to realize the importance of full coverage, settling for minimum requirement insurance instead.

The 411 on traumatic brain injuries

After suffering some type of blow to the head in an accident here in Colorado, your doctor told you that you suffered a traumatic brain injury. Your doctor may have been so busy trying to devise a treatment plan for you that he or she failed to provide you with some basic information regarding the diagnosis.

Do you deserve recompense for emotional duress after an accident?

A car accident can be traumatic. From the physical injuries to the damage to your personal property, it can be very difficult to pick up the pieces and move on after a serious collision. You may find that you are also dealing with other types of trauma that are unseen. Emotional and mental duress often follow a traumatic experience, yet people often fail to consider this type of damage when pursuing a civil claim.

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