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The 411 on traumatic brain injuries

After suffering some type of blow to the head in an accident here in Colorado, your doctor told you that you suffered a traumatic brain injury. Your doctor may have been so busy trying to devise a treatment plan for you that he or she failed to provide you with some basic information regarding the diagnosis.

You may be the type of person who needs to understand as much as possible about what is happening to you in order to alleviate your anxiety. Below is some basic information about traumatic brain injuries that may help you understand your injury better, along with what it could mean for the rest of your life.

Seeking compensation can range from quick to prolonged

After a car crash, you have a lot to deal with. You have to think about getting medical care that you need. You also have to think about getting your car fixed or replaced. You have to think about paying bills and other similar factors. All of this can weigh heavily on your mind during this difficult time.

We know that you are probably ready to be done with the entire situation. This is something that we understand. We want you to understand that seeking compensation can range from a quick process to a prolonged process, depending on what happens.

Understand what a demand letter is for

One of the things that you might have to do when you are injured in a car accident is send a demand letter to an insurance company. This is a way that you can try to get the money that you had to spend on various aspects of the accident.

When you write out the demand letter, it should be worded appropriately. You have to make sure that it provides the necessary information that will make the company pay the demands that you are making.

Do you deserve recompense for emotional duress after an accident?

A car accident can be traumatic. From the physical injuries to the damage to your personal property, it can be very difficult to pick up the pieces and move on after a serious collision. You may find that you are also dealing with other types of trauma that are unseen. Emotional and mental duress often follow a traumatic experience, yet people often fail to consider this type of damage when pursuing a civil claim.

Emotional duress is a serious side effect of a car accident or other type of traumatic or extremely difficult experience. In some cases, it can take a toll physically, affecting a Colorado victim in multiple areas of his or her life. If you are experiencing emotional duress after an accident, it may be appropriate to take steps to secure rightful compensation for this. 

Childhood brain injuries might lead to juvenile justice issues

When you think of a child who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), your mind might think about things like shaken baby syndrome, medical issues and similar points. What you might not think about is how a TBI might impact the child's future when it comes freedom.

Traumatic brain injuries can cause behavioral issues in the people who suffer them. When a child is the one who is injured, the behavior issues might end up leading him or her to a life of crime. This is one of the sad effects of these injuries that parents, as well as the children, are sometimes left dealing with.

Work quickly to file your premises liability claim after a fall

We recently discussed the need for stairs to meet certain standards so that people can remain safe as they go up and down them. When stairs don't meet safety standards, people can slip or trip and suffer injuries. These individuals might opt to seek compensation for the damages associated with the injuries.

Premises liability claims are sometimes difficult to handle, but we are here to help you along the way. One thing that we need to think about during the course of planning your case is the type of injury that you suffered. A head injury or a spinal cord injury can have profound impacts on your life. In both of these cases, you might have to deal with the injury and the financial devastation that can follow the injury if you are unable to work like you normally do.

Stairs must be safe for the people who are walking on them

Walking up and down a stairway is something that is more dangerous than what many people might realize. It is important that all stairways are up to code and safe to walk on.

There are several problems that can occur on stairways. One of these is that the handrails are in good condition. The handrails must be present on all public stairways. They must meet specific requirements, such as being graspable and able to be used the entire length of stairs. Some stairs only require handrails on one side, which others might require them on both sides. Very wide stairways might also require handrails in the middle.

Highway debris accidents increasing nationwide

While many enjoy the new trend of staying home for their vacations, you may prefer to get away, even if it is just for day trips to the local lake or campground. Traveling on any highway requires caution and attention, and each season has its dangers, from weather to wildlife.

Since summer is the time when many people travel long distances, one hazard you may face at this time of year is unsecured cargo. Of course, a vehicle can lose its load at any time, but vacationers are often untrained in securing their loads, and objects can break free without warning, putting you and your family at risk.

Know how to handle insurance claims after a crash

One of the first things that you will do if you are in a car accident is to seek medical care for your injuries. Another thing that is on the top of the list is filing a claim with the insurance companies. This is something that can help to reduce the financial blow of the crash since the medical bills are likely going to be covered to some extent.

There are a few things that you need to remember when you are dealing with the insurance after the accident. One of these is that there are time limits for filing claims. While the actual time limit, which is known as the statute of limitations, is two years in most personal injury claims, it is three years when the personal injury was the result of an accident involving a motor vehicle.

How to move on after a rear-end accident

Any type of car accident has the potential to cause significant damage and various types of injuries. If you were hurt in a rear-end accident in Colorado, you have experienced first-hand how scary and serious these types of low-speed impacts can be. While a rear-end accident may not seem like a major car accident, it can still have a major impact on your life.

Moving past a car accident can be difficult as you recover from your injuries and deal with other complicated issues, such as insurance and medical bills. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with these matters on your own. With the right legal support, you may be able to recover compensation for your pain and suffering, even if it was a low-speed, rear-end accident.

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