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Brain Injury Archives

Colorado veteran with brain injury arrested

A Colorado man who is a former Marine was taken into custody by the Weld County Sheriff's Office after he reportedly jumped from the balcony of his home and then disappeared earlier this month. Police as well as K-9 officers searched for him for two days after his wife reported the incident. He was arrested for breaking into a home.

Seeking compensation for brain injuries

Brain injuries, even those that aren't catastrophic in nature, can impact your entire life. It is imperative that you consider the cost of living with a brain injury if you are considering a claim for compensation. A claim for compensation is possible if your injury was caused by an accident that was due to another person's negligence.

Champion figure skater bringing awareness to concussion dangers

Much has been written about concussions in high-contact sports like football, soccer and hockey. However, one champion ice skater is sharing her long and continuing odyssey of dealing with multiple concussions to educate people about the dangers faced by ice skaters.

Another study links traumatic brain injury to incarceration

The effects of a traumatic brain injury can extend far beyond physical symptoms. Those who have suffered a TBI often experience cognitive impairment as well as behavioral changes. Research has found that a TBI can cause aggression and impulse control.

Navy develops technology to analyze brain injuries

As weapons of war have changed, so have the types of injuries sustained by service members deployed to war zones. Traumatic brain injuries have become an all-too-common injury seen in those who have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. It's estimated that since 2001, as many as 327,000 vets have been diagnosed with TBI.

Can helmets cause a false sense of safety on the slopes?

Skiers and snowboarders aren't required to wear helmets in Colorado. However, many people do wear them to help prevent and lessen the severity of head injuries. Parents are particularly diligent about helmets for their kids. According to the National Ski Areas Association, in the last ski season (2015 to 2016), 90 percent of kids wore helmets on the slopes.

Is activity better than rest after a concussion?

Doctors and scientists are constantly studying various treatments for concussions and other brain injuries in an effort to mitigate the short-term and long-term effects of such injuries. Traditionally, doctors have advised athletes and others who have suffered concussions to rest and refrain from activity for a period of time in order to aid their healing.

Why don't female student athletes report suspected concussions?

Results of a recent study published in the Journal of Trauma Nursing should be of concern to parents of young female student athletes. Researchers found that a significant number of female high school athletes don't notify trainers or coaches of a possible concussion.

Soccer is a rival to football as a cause of concussions

Soccer has made considerable strides in popularity in the U.S. in recent decades, particularly among children and teens. U.S. Youth Soccer reports that there were nearly3 twice as many registered soccer players under 19 in 2014 (3 million) as in 1990.

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