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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Rollover accidents can lead to very serious injuries for victims

Many people don't realize just how serious rollover car crashes can be. If you are wearing your seat belt, you will likely fare better than if you aren't. Still, these are often violent crashes. There is the chance that any loose items in your vehicle, including your purse, cellphones or beverages, will go flying around the interior of your vehicle as it flips. These could slam into you and cause significant injuries.

Car wreck injuries can be catastrophic and last forever

Car wreck victims have a lot to think about when they are trying to figure out what to do after the accident. One of the first decisions they have to make is whether they need to go to the hospital or not from the scene. As a rule of thumb, anyone who suffers an injury should have a medical evaluation. This can be at the emergency room if it is serious, but it might also be at your regular physician's office or an urgent care center if the injury isn't that serious.

Colorado man sentenced for 2017 DUI crash

A Colorado man has been sentenced to a six-year prison term for a 2017 crash in Wisconsin that left his two passengers with serious injuries. The 28-year-old man will also have four years of supervision after he finishes his term and be required to pay restitution of nearly $19,000 to one of the victims of the crash.

Furious parents may seek compensation for their child's injuries

Car crashes can lead to very serious injuries, which sometimes happen to children. This can be a difficult situation for the parents because they need to care for their kids, but they also need to pay for the bills. For some parents, things get really difficult because they have more than one child. The careful balancing act that this requires can be stressful.

Can you prevent an elderly loved one from driving?

Even elderly people who have no need to drive often enjoy the freedom it gives them. Recently, 97-year-old Prince Philip made headlines after he was involved in a crash that injured two women in another vehicle as he drove near London. The prince, who was uninjured even though his Land Rover overturned, reportedly told authorities that the sun had blinded him momentarily.

Be ready if someone crashes into you this winter

Now that the cold weather has made its way to our area, it is important for all drivers to have their vehicles ready in case of an accident. The last thing that you need to worry about is being stranded in the cold while injured after a collision caused by another driver. We know that you are hoping to make it through the winter without having any incidents on the road. Unfortunately, you can't control how other drivers operate their vehicles.

Tips for safer driving in Colorado's mountains

If you're a native Coloradoan or have lived here for years, you may consider yourself skilled at driving in the mountains. However, if you're still new at navigating the state's mountainous areas or just aren't comfortable doing it, we've got some important tips to help make your travels safer. These are things that everyone -- no matter how comfortable they are driving in the mountains -- should remember.

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