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Premises Liability Archives

Can ski resorts be held liable for avalanche injuries, deaths?

An avalanche is one of the most frightening things that can happen to anyone at a Colorado ski resort. Fortunately, avalanches are uncommon. However, when they occur, they can be fatal -- as we saw recently in Taos, New Mexico.

Indoor pools carry unique dangers

Coloradoans rely on indoor swimming pools to get their laps in during the many months of the year when outdoor swimming isn't possible. All pools carry some potential dangers if they aren't properly maintained or if property managers and swimmers don't take basic safety precautions. However, indoor pools carry dangers that aren't present in outdoor ones.

Know how to handle a slip-and-fall accident claim

When the weather is snowy, businesses must ensure that they aren't allowing the areas just inside the interior doors to become too wet. This can be difficult because the bottoms of shoes and boots can grab onto snow, which can track it indoors. People coming in and going out could slip and fall on the wet conditions.

Beware of hazards when finishing up holiday shopping

Black Friday might be over, but the holiday shopping season is still in full swing. All retail centers need to do everything possible to ensure that customers stay safe as they go to get the last-minute gifts and supplies they need for the holiday celebrations.

Snow and ice can be dangerous for people walking

People in Colorado are accustomed to walking on snowy surfaces, but there are some special risks to walking on ramps and stairs that are covered with it. People who own properties must ensure that they are doing what they can to keep the property is safe. There are many ways they can do this.

Slip-and-fall accidents might occur on snow or ice

As winter approaches us, it's time for pedestrians to start thinking about snow and ice that might be on the sidewalks as they walk around our beautiful city. While the snow might be very pretty, it can also be dangerous for people who are walking about. Property owners likely have a duty to keep the sidewalks and other areas free of snow and ice if they have reason to believe that pedestrians will traverse them on their way around town.

Falling leaves can pose a slip hazards for people walking

As the weather starts to change into that of fall, the leaves are going to start falling. This can pose a risk to people who are walking around on sidewalks and in parking lots. When leaves become damp, they can become slick, which could lead to a person slipping on them. There is also a chance that the leaves will pile up and hide defects that can lead a person to trip or fall.

The attractive nuisance doctrine is meant to protect children

An attractive nuisance is something that would entice children to play with it despite the fact that it is dangerous. While property owners aren't expected to childproof their space, this doctrine makes it necessary for them to secure obvious attractive nuisances.

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