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Premises Liability Archives

Think about way a store accident can impact your life

You never expect that a shopping trip is going to end with you in the hospital. When an accident does occur on someone else's property, you might be reluctant to take action to get your medical bills paid. This is understandable, but you have to think about why you should be responsible for the cost of something that was someone else's fault.

Remember fire pit dangers as the nights turn cooler

As the evenings get cooler, people might decide to take the chill out of outdoor gatherings by lighting a fire pit. You can find dedicated fire pits for your home, but some people make them in the sand. Either way, everyone around the fire pit should make sure that they remain safe.

Safety must always be a priority at businesses open to the public

Being safe when you are out and about is something that you likely try to do. One thing that you can't control is hazards in stores and other businesses you frequent. When there are hazards present, there is a chance that you might fall and hurt yourself.

Use caution when you are shopping

Going shopping shouldn't be a threat to your safety or life; however, it is possible that you will face certain hazards while you are there. Stores have a duty to do everything possible, within reason, to keep people who are shopping safe. Here are a few things to think about when you are shopping:

Understand the components in a premises liability claim

Premises liability cases come with a lot of points that must be raised in a lawsuit. The exact points are determined by the circumstances of the case, so we can evaluate your case and help you learn about what points we need to cover.

Work quickly to file your premises liability claim after a fall

We recently discussed the need for stairs to meet certain standards so that people can remain safe as they go up and down them. When stairs don't meet safety standards, people can slip or trip and suffer injuries. These individuals might opt to seek compensation for the damages associated with the injuries.

How safe are Colorado's ski slopes?

Colorado's numerous ski resorts provide millions to the state economy every day of the season. And though helmets are more common than they used to be, the fact injuries and deaths still happen in our winter wonderlands. But finding out just which trail, resort, or even time of year results in the greatest number of injured skiers can be near impossible to determine.  Why is that?

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