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Brain Injury Archives

Helping a child with a brain injury can be difficult

Learning that your child was injured is a terrible experience for a parent. When the injury is head trauma, you have to worry about a brain injury that might impact the child for the rest of their life. This is a difficult fact to cope with, but it is reality for many parents. Trying to find ways to help your child might become the new focal point of your life.

Shocking facts about traumatic brain injuries in this country

Around 5.3 million people in this country live with the effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). These impacts can range from minor to life-altering. In the most serious cases, a person who was previously independent might be fully dependent upon others for his or her care after the injury occurs.

Concussion impacts might not be evident immediately

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that can lead to a host of issues, but not all of those issues are evident right away. In some cases, a person can have a concussion and not realize that some of the minor things that are happening are due to this type of injury.

What is the purpose of rehabilitation after a brain injury?

Suffering a traumatic brain injury is a life-changing event. Patients will need to seek medical care and might need to have rehabilitation. There are many different types of rehabilitation that might be necessary. Each of these has a purpose that is very important.

Be vigilant about brain injuries if your child is hit in the head

A brain injury is hard to deal with under the best of circumstances. When your child is the person who suffered the injury, it can be very difficult to determine what needs to happen. If you know that your child has had a hit to the head or another incident that could lead to a brain injury, you need to keep a close eye on him or her.

Foggy brain symptoms can make life a true challenge

Brain injuries can make remembering things very difficult. This can mean that simple things that you've done hundreds of times become challenging. When you have a brain injury, getting dressed or driving to work might be too complex because of the number of steps you have to remember. You can imagine what type of impact this will have on your life.

Your memory can be impacted by a brain injury

Trying to work after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) might be a test in your patience. This is because a TBI is associated with memory issues. When you have trouble with your memory, it can be difficult to remember the steps for tasks. Other issues might also persist.

Common traumatic brain injury symptoms

When a person suffers a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) he or she may experience a wide range of symptoms, but may not even know that a physical injury is to blame. Even a relatively minor blow to the head can potentially produce a mild TBI, which is often difficult to identify and diagnose precisely because it is not a more severe injury with more severe expressions of harm.

We can help you file a brain injury compensation claim

There are many things that can lead to a brain injury, but when the injury is caused by someone else's negligence, you might need to consider seeking compensation. Doing so may help you recover money that you've spent on medical care, as well as other financial adversities that you have experienced.

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