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Will the increase in distracted driving in Colorado affect you?

Colorado readers know that distracted driving is a problem in the state, and unfortunately, statistics indicate that the issue is only getting worse. In fact, 89 percent of drivers who participated in a statewide study admit they drive while distracted. Despite the well-known dangers of this particular behavior, people still make the choice to be reckless with their own well-being and the well-being of others.

Coming to terms with the wrongful death of a loved one

Since the moment you learned that your loved one died in a Colorado car crash, you have likely experienced a wide range of emotions, from shock and numbness to deep sorrow and even anger or frustration. The latter is common for people who have lost loved ones preventable accidents, such as in collisions with drunk drivers or other negligent motorists. Nothing can replace the loss of your family member's life.

What can you do after a drunk driver totals your car?

Colorado residents have seen more than their fair share of impaired drivers on the road. If a drunk driver caused an accident that caused your injuries and totaled your car, what can you do? You may be able to seek full or partial compensation for your losses through legal means.

When is a settlement better than going to trial?

Deciding to file a lawsuit for any reason is stressful and intimidating. However, when you are seeking to reclaim losses from an accident caused by someone else's reckless or negligent actions, it may be even more daunting. You may still be struggling through your recovery, suffering in pain and dealing with fatigue. Additionally, you may not feel comfortable reliving the whole traumatic event and its aftermath.

Would a crash reconstruction help your personal injury case?

In the aftermath of many collisions here in Colorado, at least one driver involved is not sure how it all happened. One minute, you are driving along, minding your own business, and the next, you hear the crunch of metal and feel the violent impact of another vehicle crashing into yours.

The quiet danger of internal bleeding

The crumpled fender, the leaking fluids and the shattered windshield all told the story of your recent traffic accident. In fact, even without a mechanic's training, you may be able to see that the car is beyond repair or that, at the very least, it will take time and money to get it back on the road.

Staying safe while driving in winter weather conditions

It is winter, which means that drivers in Colorado will likely have to drive in snowy or icy conditions at some point. Most people who live in the state have experience driving in less-than-ideal conditions during portions of the year. Even drivers who have driven on icy roads should remember to stay safe.

An accident with an uninsured driver is salt in your wounds

Perhaps you were in the hospital when you learned that the driver responsible for your accident did not have auto insurance. This news may have felt as if someone crashed into you a second time. Colorado and nearly all other states in the country mandate auto insurance for every driver, so what happens when one driver without insurance breaks the law?

Distracted driving goes to a completely new level

Makeshift memorials to those who lost their lives in tragic motor vehicle accidents dot the landscape along Colorado roadsides. If you recall the painful day when you placed such a memorial for your loved one, you may have lingering questions about the cause of the accident that took the life of someone so precious to you. There is a high chance that authorities told you that distraction was a contributing factor to the accident.

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