Speed is an ever-present and deadly danger

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Car Accidents

Despite continual public service announcements promoting safe travels and general improvements in vehicle safety equipment, speeding remains a significant factor in deadly accidents. Generally defined as either exceeding the declared speed limit or driving too fast for conditions, speeding remains one of the most widespread offenses and can have truly deadly consequences. That is especially true when drivers exceed the speed limit or drive too fast on a consistent basis.

Federal study affirms deadly effects of speeding

Unsafe speeds directly contribute to about 27% of fatal motor vehicle accidents across the nation, a recent federal study affirms. A separate report by the Governors Highway Safety Association shows that unsafe speeds directly cause about 25% of roadway fatalities. The rates vary by state with some more densely populated states, like New Jersey, showing lower rates due to higher numbers of cars on the road. While greater traffic flow reduces the percentages of vehicles impacted, it still adds up to a greater frequency of accidents on a daily basis when compared to more rural areas with less traffic but higher deadly accident rates.

Studies affirm drivers cause deadly accidents

Speed is something over which drivers absolutely have complete control, yet about two-thirds of all motorists regularly engage in unlawful speeding. The lower the posted speed limit, the more likely a driver is to exceed it. Because the causes of deadly accidents are only identified after the fact, the actual cause is not always known, which means speeding likely contributes to more than a fourth of deadly accidents across the nation.

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