What to do in the event of a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2020 | Car Accidents

Experienced drivers in Colorado understand that accidents can happen to even the most careful motorists. Motorists who have experienced an accident in the past know the chaos possible in the aftermath of the event. Accidents victims that can stay calm will help their cause. Drivers will also benefit from knowing the steps they should take in the moments following an accident.

Check for injuries

Drivers should take a moment to assess their physical state after a car accident. Accident victims who are capable of moving do not need immediate emergency care should check on the health of other people involved in the accident. Everyone involved in an accident should receive medical attention at some point even if no personal injury is immediately detected. Injuries sustained in a car accident can become hidden to the victim by adrenalin and the excitement of the moment.

Move to safety

Operational vehicles need to be removed from the roadway. Doing so will protect cars and drivers involved in the accident from being struck by passing motorists. If an accident victim or bystander possesses reflective triangles or flares, they can be used to provide motorists with a warning of the potential danger. If one of the cars is on fire or in danger of exploding, everyone should move away from the vehicle as quickly as possible.

Information exchange

Drivers tend to discuss who was at fault in the aftermath of an accident. It is best to save this conversation for a later date. However, each driver should ensure they leave with the contact and insurance information for the other driver. Drivers should record the names of police officers that respond to the scene. The contact information contact for any witnesses to the accident will also prove useful.

Call the police

Many accident victims feel the police are not necessary if no major injuries resulted from the accident. However, a police officer will prove useful for a variety of reasons that include documenting the accident for insurance purposes.

An accident on the road can cost motorists a considerable loss of property and place them at risk of injury. Individuals who become involved in a car accident may improve their chances of receiving adequate compensation by speaking with a personal injury attorney.

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