Who is responsible when a backyard pool party turns tragic?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Premises Liability

This summer many people in the Grand Junction area will cool off with a dip in their backyard pool. Pool owners often also enjoy inviting others over to swim in their pool. However, swimming is dangerous and sometimes a person will be injured or drown in another’s pool. These are a tragic events that no one wants to see happen. However, these types of incidents will happen if pool owners are careless and do not take the safety measures necessary to keep their guests safe.

Owners of private pools can be liable for injuries at their pool or drowning accidents if they host a party and are supervising others at the party. For example, if a pool owner invites guests over for a swim, they must take care not to serve their guests too much alcohol and they must take care that any children swimming are being watched over.

However, it is even possible for pool owners to be liable if someone uses their pool when they are not at home and the pool owner is negligent in some way. For example, simply putting up a sign warning people to stay off their property or that swimmers swim at their own risk does not mean a pool owner can escape liability for injuries or drownings that take place on their premises. Pool owners must meet state and local requirements regarding having fencing around their pool that reaches a certain height and any requirements that their pools be locked from within.

Ultimately, pool owners have a duty to prevent others from being injured in their pool or drowning. If you were injured at another’s pool or lost a loved one in a drowning incident, you will want to take the necessary measures to understand your legal options moving forward.

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