Accident claims one life and leaves two injured

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Car Accidents

An accident in another part of Colorado claimed the life of one person and left two others with critical injuries.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, which is investigating the accident, the head-on  happened on a highway where traffic travels in both directions.

One vehicle was trying to pass other cars, and moved into the lanes reserved for oncoming traffic in order to complete the maneuver. Unfortunately, the driver of this vehicle did not leave herself enough room to get back safely to her side of the street.

She slammed into an oncoming car. As a result, she suffered critical injuries and was fighting for her life.

The force of the impact was such that, even though the driver of the other vehicle was wearing his seatbelt, he still got thrown from the car. He died at the scene of the accident. A woman bearing the man’s last name suffered critical injuries and had to be flown from the scene by helicopter to a hospital.

Police say that they do not suspect that alcohol or drugs contributed to this accident.

Still, it is a driver’s responsibility when completing a pass to make sure he or she has enough room to do so safely.  This means looking far enough ahead and judging whether a person has the space to pass.

Sometimes, even if it is legally permissible to pass, it is still not safe to do so, such as when a driver cannot see far enough down the road to determine whether an oncoming car is near.

Accidents related to improper passing are often serious or even fatal simply because they are often at high speeds and involve a full frontal impact. Victims of someone who carelessly passes and causes an accident may be able to obtain compensation via a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit.

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