Never Give a Recorded Statement After a Car Accident

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2019 | Car Accidents

No matter what they say, insurance adjusters are not your friends. Their job is to minimize insurance payouts whenever possible. Of course, they don’t’ state this upfront, but their agenda is clear to anyone who has dealt with insurance companies before. No matter what the insurance company tells you, you should never give a recorded statement after a car accident without legal representation.

Talking to Your Insurance Company

You are required to report a crash to your insurance company, usually within 24 hours of a crash. However, you don’t necessarily have to provide a recorded statement at the time of the initial report, even if the insurance company says they cannot provide services until you do. Do not be intimidated by these claims. Instead, contact an attorney.

Anything you tell your insurance company could be used against you to increase your liability and reduce your settlement. Before agreeing to a recorded statement, you should hire an auto accident attorney to coach you through the recorded statement and help you avoid potential pitfalls. Although you must comply with your insurance company, you can prepare for the call.

Talking to the Other Driver’s Insurance

If you ever receive a call from the other driver’s insurance company, just say no and hang up. You have no obligation to speak to the other driver’s insurance company whatsoever. They cannot make you talk, and anything you say to them will be used against you.

Speaking to another driver’s insurance company can only hurt your auto accident case. No matter how nice the person on the phone sounds or how hard they push, you should not entertain their questions. Their goal is to disarm you and get you to say something damaging to your case. For the sake of your case and your settlement, just say no.

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