Working Through Common Effects of a Brain Injury Can Be Difficult

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2019 | Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) come with a variety of impacts. You aren’t going to find out exactly what you will have to deal with right away when the accident occurs. Instead, it might take time for things to settle down enough for you to determine what effects you will have from the injury long term.

One area of your life that might not ever be the same is your memory. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to handle normal tasks because you might not be able to remember what you are supposed to do. At work, you may have to find different ways to remember things. For example, writing out steps for tasks you have to do often can help you ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Another area that might be challenging is communication. Even if your speech and hearing weren’t impacted, you might have trouble understanding what people are saying. It is common for people who have a brain injury to become overwhelmed in situations where they are having to talk to someone, especially if this interaction happens in a place where they are surrounded by a lot of other people.

We know that you are probably doing your best with what you can do. Going through therapy sessions, such as cognitive behavior, occupational and physical, can often help. We know that these usually come with some cost to the patient. You may decide to seek compensation from the party who is liable for the accident that led to the injury so you aren’t the person who is having to deal with the financial burden of the situation.

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