Beware of Hazards When Finishing up Holiday Shopping

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2018 | Premises Liability

Black Friday might be over, but the holiday shopping season is still in full swing. All retail centers need to do everything possible to ensure that customers stay safe as they go to get the last-minute gifts and supplies they need for the holiday celebrations.

Unfortunately, some shopping centers put profit before people. They choose to try to skirt around basic safety practices, and the customers are the ones who can suffer greatly because of this. When accidents happen, the business might try to cover it up, but you can’t let this happen if you are a victim.

One thing that you must do is have the manager on duty file a report about the accident. Get a copy of this if possible. Of course, you might not be able to do this if you need urgent medical care. If you do suffer a serious injury, you may need to have paramedics treat you and bring you to the hospital.

It is important that you keep track of what is going on related to the accident. Make notes about your diagnosis, treatments and similar points. Keep a record of what work you have to miss and how the injuries affect your abilities to do normal life tasks.

We realize that you didn’t think this would happen. It comes as a shock when it does, but we are here to help you work through the legal aspects of the matter so you can try to recover some of the financial damages that you suffered as a result of the store’s negligence.

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