Who Is Responsible for Your Injuries in a Tour Bus Accident?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2018 | Car Accidents

Whether you live in Colorado or visit frequently, you may be among the many for whom bus tours are a preferred method of enjoying the state’s many offerings. You may take mountain tours, trips to go river rafting, visits to casinos or other adventures. The benefits of using a tour bus are many, including not having to worry about becoming too drowsy on your drive or imbibing too much during your expedition.

If you count on the convenience and comfort of a bus trip, you may get your money’s worth. However, charter buses often have safety concerns about which you may not be aware. Additionally, if you suffer injuries while on a tour bus, do you know who is liable?

More than one factor to consider

State and federal laws that govern common carriers such as school buses, tour buses, transit buses, cabs and airlines have passenger safety as their primary concern. It often takes only one act of negligence to cause a catastrophic accident resulting in devastating injury and loss of life.

To prevent such accidents, many people along a chain of command may hold critical responsibilities, for example:

  • Regulatory agencies must audit charter companies to ensure their compliance with state and federal laws.
  • The bus company must maintain the buses.
  • Mechanics must examine the buses regularly and repair issues promptly, including tires and brakes.
  • Charter company owners must carefully screen and train drivers.
  • The organization that hired the charter bus may also hold some liability if it failed to research the safety record of the bus line.

In many cases, however, liability comes down to the negligence of the bus driver. Like any driver on the road, a bus driver has the obligation to be sober and alert, well rested, and conscious of the heavy responsibility he or she carries. A bus driver who allows cell phone distractions or lack of sleep to inhibit his or her ability to safely transport you and your fellow passengers may create a situation resulting in life-changing consequences.

When taking a trip on a tour bus, you have every right to expect your ride to be safe and stress-free. After all, that’s the main reason for taking a bus instead of driving yourself. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a charter bus accident, you likely have many concerns, not the least of which is paying for the medical care you require for your recovery. Seeking legal assistance is one way to focus on claiming compensation for your suffering.

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