Safety Hazards at Businesses Can Be Devastating for Customers

On Behalf of | May 31, 2018 | Premises Liability

Going onto another person’s property means that you are putting your trust in them to have made sure that it is as safe as possible. When this doesn’t happen, there is a chance that you might suffer from an injury that could have been prevented with proper safety protocols. We realize that you probably didn’t want to end up hurt when you left your house on that fateful day.

There are several things that you might encounter when you are going to a business. The type of business and location do have some impact on exactly what you are going to face. For example, the hazards at a home improvement store are going to be much different than those at a professional office building.

In all cases, you will likely have to park in a parking lot and this is one area where you might face some of the hazards that are present. Uneven concrete, loose cement and other similar surface issues can lead you to trip and fall on your way into the business. You also have to think about cars that are going through the parking lot. Are they driving safely or are you at risk of being hit?

Once you are in the business’ building, the hazards don’t stop. Moisture on the floor, items on high shelves, objects strewn about the walkways and crowds might all be present dangers that you face when you are trying to conduct business. The key to all of these is that the business owner should have taken steps to contain them so that no accidents occurred.

Being injured at a business is an expensive event. You will likely need medical care and may need time off work. Why should you be liable for those expenses? Instead, hold the business owner accountable. We can help you get the process started.

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