Coming to Terms with the Wrongful Death of a Loved One

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Since the moment you learned that your loved one died in a Colorado car crash, you have likely experienced a wide range of emotions, from shock and numbness to deep sorrow and even anger or frustration. The latter is common for people who have lost loved ones preventable accidents, such as in collisions with drunk drivers or other negligent motorists. Nothing can replace the loss of your family member’s life.

There are many support networks in place to help you and your other family members grieve. If you were the one who received the phone call informing your family of the accident, your grief may intensify because those moments, and the details of the conversation will likely replay themselves over and over again in your mind as you try to go on in life without your loved one.

Take life one step at a time

No one but yourself knows what you need to help heal the deep wounds and sadness the loss of your family member has caused in your life. Others who have experienced similar sudden death situations have said the following ideas may be helpful as you mourn your losses:

  • To understand the grieving process and what you might expect insofar as your day-to-day emotions unfold, you may want to read books or articles about sudden death loss, or speak to others who have gone through similar experiences. No two people react to sudden death exactly the same, but many share similar struggles and emotions as they navigate the grieving process.
  • Sometimes, talking about your loved one and sharing your feelings can help you mourn your losses. Many Colorado communities have family support groups for people in situations like yours. Perhaps you just want to listen and glean encouragement and support from others or wish to share your thoughts aloud to help yourself heal and connect with others who are grieving as well.
  • If you are a parent, your children may need extra support at this time, too. Especially, if the loved one who died was their parent or sibling, they may feel completely overwhelmed and unsure how to cope with their emotions.Â

There are licensed counselors, faith leaders and others who dedicate their lives to helping people like you who have endured the sudden, unexpected death of close family members in vehicle collisions or other situations that need not have happened.

There is also a legal process to help immediate family members seek justice so that those responsible for their loved one’s death will face legal accountability for their actions. When you are ready, a lawyer experienced with wrongful death cases can help you as well.

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