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March 2018 Archives

Coming to terms with the wrongful death of a loved one

Since the moment you learned that your loved one died in a Colorado car crash, you have likely experienced a wide range of emotions, from shock and numbness to deep sorrow and even anger or frustration. The latter is common for people who have lost loved ones preventable accidents, such as in collisions with drunk drivers or other negligent motorists. Nothing can replace the loss of your family member's life.

What can you do after a drunk driver totals your car?

Colorado residents have seen more than their fair share of impaired drivers on the road. If a drunk driver caused an accident that caused your injuries and totaled your car, what can you do? You may be able to seek full or partial compensation for your losses through legal means.

Common traumatic brain injury symptoms

When a person suffers a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) he or she may experience a wide range of symptoms, but may not even know that a physical injury is to blame. Even a relatively minor blow to the head can potentially produce a mild TBI, which is often difficult to identify and diagnose precisely because it is not a more severe injury with more severe expressions of harm.

When is a settlement better than going to trial?

Deciding to file a lawsuit for any reason is stressful and intimidating. However, when you are seeking to reclaim losses from an accident caused by someone else's reckless or negligent actions, it may be even more daunting. You may still be struggling through your recovery, suffering in pain and dealing with fatigue. Additionally, you may not feel comfortable reliving the whole traumatic event and its aftermath.

Financial impacts of car crashes are serious

Car accidents often lead to the victim being without his or her vehicle for a while. Of course, there is a chance that it will have to be totaled out and a new vehicle purchased. This might be one of the costly aspects of the accident, but a catastrophic injury will be even more expensive.

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