Care for Your Car to Avoid a False Sense of Safety

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | Car Accidents

When the snow and ice are falling and salt trucks are out on the road, you probably know that your vehicle is going to face some pretty harsh conditions. What you might not realize is that these conditions might lead to you having a false sense of safety.

Many people count on the safety systems in their vehicle to remain safe. The issue is that some of these systems rely on sensors to function properly. Automatic emergency braking system, lane assist and backup programs are some of the ones that do rely on sensors.

Snow, ice and road grime can coat the sensors, which are located on the outside of the vehicle. This would stop the sensors from being able to function properly. You might be counting on your car to let you know if you are venturing into the lane next to you, but if the sensor can’t sense the dividing line, it can’t alert you.

Before you head out in the ice and snow, remember that these systems are meant to enhance safety. They aren’t meant to be foolproof safety measures. Take the time to review the owner’s manual to check for the location of these sensors. You can wipe them off or clean them in the manner stated. This can help you to ensure that they are working properly.

There is a chance that you might still be involved in a crash this winter. If this happens, make medical care for your injuries your top priority. Second on your list should be seeking compensation for the financial damages you suffered.

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