Does Winter Weather Driving Have You Feeling Nervous?

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With the winter months approaching, many Colorado residents will take precautions to prepare themselves for nasty weather. They may stock up on essentials and weather-proof certain areas of their property that need attention. While these measures can help you stay on top of your winter-living needs, you should also take time to review cold weather driving tips.

Though you may consider yourself a safe driver, unpredictable winter weather can throw even the most careful drivers for a loop. Because of this added danger, this post will review cold weather defensive driving tips you can use to protect your loved ones while driving during winter months.

Before you put your hands on the wheel

Before getting out on the road, you can take precautions to better ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Some of those steps include:

  • Checking for proper tire inflation
  • Keeping the gas tank at least half full to prevent freezing
  • Getting enough sleep before in the driver’s seat
  • Putting on your seat belt after entering the vehicle
  • Checking updated weather reports

These steps can ensure that your vehicle runs at its best and keep you and your family safe.

When on the road

After going out on the roadways, you will have to worry about your own vehicle as well as other travelers on the road.


When traveling in winter weather, you can protect yourself by:

  • Avoiding cruise control on wet or icy roads
  • Slowly increasing and decreasing speed to avoid sliding
  • Increasing your following distance behind the car in front of you
  • Reducing your typical driving speed
  • Not stopping on hills

These few tips could help you keep your vehicle under control when driving in questionable weather. Drivers can follow many tips when navigating winter weather, but most importantly they should always stay alert. By being aware of possible risks, you can prevent accidents and avoid serious injuries.

What to do after a car accident

Even if you do your best to avoid dangers while driving during the winter months, you could still get into a car accident because of the actions of another driver. If a car crash resulted in you suffering serious injuries, you may want to seek compensation for those injuries. An attorney can answer your car accident questions and help you decide whether legal action could suit your needs.


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