Did a Vehicle Defect Result in an Injury-Causing Crash?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2017 | Car Accidents

Having a vehicle often means that you have the ability to travel where you like when you like. When purchasing your car, you may have carried out extensive research in order to ensure that your purchase provided the safety measures and enjoyable features that you preferred. Of course, even after buying your car, you may have discovered a serious issue.

Commonly, vehicles may show problems after use. In some cases, these issues may come about due to standard wear and tear placed on the vehicle after years of travel, but in other cases, car defects could cause certain aspects of the vehicle to malfunction. Unfortunately, when this occurs, you and other individuals could find yourselves at risk for injuries.

Safety defects

These days, vehicles tend to come with standard safety features including air bags and seat belts. Though you may always put on your seat belt to better ensure your safety, you could end up in a dangerous situation if your seat belt malfunctions. The restraint may not release or restrain you when needed, and if an accident takes place, you could suffer serious injuries as a result.

Similar outcomes could stem from issues with air bags. If the air bags do not deploy during a crash, you could hit the steering wheel or other objects from which the air bag would typically protect you. On the other hand, if an air bag unexpectedly deploys while you are traveling, the sudden action could cause you to wreck and suffer injuries.

Mechanical defects

Other issues with your vehicle could also contribute to accidents and injuries occurring. For instance, if a problem develops with your braking system due to manufacturing defects, your vehicle may not stop as quickly or at all when you need it to do so. Obviously, this issue could easily result in your having a car accident.

Other mechanical issues could easily have negative outcomes as well. If certain engine parts do not operate as intended, they could overheat and cause engine fires.

Dealing with issues

Unfortunately, many vehicle defects could cause substantial issues, and they often lead to car accidents. When manufacturers become aware of these issues, they often issue recalls in hopes of rectifying the problem. However, for you, a recall may have come too late, and you may have already suffered serious injuries due to an accident caused by the defect. In such cases, you may wish to look into your legal options to determine whether you have reason to seek compensation for the resulting damages.

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