Do You Deserve Recompense for Emotional Duress After an Accident?

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A car accident can be traumatic. From the physical injuries to the damage to your personal property, it can be very difficult to pick up the pieces and move on after a serious collision. You may find that you are also dealing with other types of trauma that are unseen. Emotional and mental duress often follow a traumatic experience, yet people often fail to consider this type of damage when pursuing a civil claim.

Emotional duress is a serious side effect of a car accident or other type of traumatic or extremely difficult experience. In some cases, it can take a toll physically, affecting a Colorado victim in multiple areas of his or her life. If you are experiencing emotional duress after an accident, it may be appropriate to take steps to secure rightful compensation for this.

How can you prove emotional duress?

It may prove difficult to establish that you are suffering from emotional duress. It can be complicated to prove a mostly psychological issue, but there are certain steps you can take to strengthen your claim. In order to successfully claim compensation for emotional duress, it would be wise to include evidence related to the following:

  • Amount of your suffering: Your civil claim should prove that your emotional suffering is extensive, significant and the source of much stress in your life.
  • How long you have been suffering: It can be helpful to include documentation that can prove that your suffering is persistent, affecting your life for an extended period.
  • The physical impact: Evidence that proves your emotional duress is taking a physical toll on you, perhaps causing stress-related conditions such as ulcers, may further support your claim.
  • Notes and documentation from your doctor: Anything from your doctor, such as medical records or notes, could prove that your suffering is legitimate and extensive.

While it can be difficult to secure compensation for emotional duress, it is not impossible. You may find it useful to seek a full understanding of your legal options before you move forward with a civil claim.

Fighting for your full and fair recovery

Your car accident may have had a significant impact on your life, both physically and emotionally. You do not have face the difficult aftermath on your own, but may seek guidance regarding your potential civil claim. It is possible that you have a strong case for recompense for not only your physical injuries, but your emotional duress as well. You have no time to lose in fighting for the full and fair recovery you deserve.

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