How to Get Justice for an Intersection Crash

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2017 | Car Accidents

Have you ever been in an accident at an intersection that left you injured and mired in medical bills? If you haven’t been properly compensated for your injury by the party who caused it, it’s time to seek justice. Let’s look at how you can get your money’s worth after an intersection collision.

Defining the Crash

Crashes can happen at intersections in a variety of ways. Sometimes the turning areas are set up so that drivers who aren’t paying close attention can by blindsided, or when a car slows down to let someone turn. We’ve all done it. This can seem like an act of goodwill, but on a two-lane highway, it can be deadly.

If you’re approaching a green light and you see a car waiting to turn in front of you, don’t slow down for them. If there is a lane next to you, it’s very likely that there is a car that doesn’t see the person who wants to turn. In this situation, the driver at fault is usually the one turning into traffic because they didn’t check the other lane. No matter how the collision occurred, it is important to find witnesses and take photos so that your case can be supported in court.

Why You Need an Advocate

Sometimes when insurance companies receive claims for doctor bills, they choose to write a medium-sized check so the injured party feels satisfied. But often this check is far too small for the injury that occurred. In some cases, if you have documentation and there were witnesses, a lawyer can make sure that the insurance company gives you far more than you knew was possible. It pays to consult a lawyer before taking an insurance company’s modest check.

What to Do After a Crash

If you are injured in a crash at an intersection, make sure you take down the information you need to build a strong case:

  • First make sure everyone is safe from oncoming traffic.
  • Make calls to emergency services. If someone is injured, make sure an ambulance comes.
  • Look for potential witnesses and ask them to stick around while you talk to the other driver(s).
  • Exchange personal and insurance contact information with all parties involved, even the witnesses.
  • Take pictures and videos before emergency vehicles arrive to document proof of your accident and injury.
  • If you are incapable of doing these things, call a friend or ask someone on the scene to take care of it for you.

Personal injury lawyers are here to make sure you get justice. They can take the evidence you compile and make a case to get what you need. Another perk is that once a lawyer takes over, you no longer have to deal with the stress and worry of the insurance business.

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