Relationships Often Change After Brain Injuries

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One of the most interesting aspects of brain injury is how it can change a person’s entire personality. This is not always pleasant for that person’s spouse, and relationships can change dramatically in the wake of a traumatic brain injury. In fact, some people have gone so far as to say it seems they have married a stranger.

Brain injuries impact everyone differently, so there are many different ways that a relationship can change. For example, while a person heals, he or she may stop doing certain tasks around the house or taking on specific responsibilities. This means the spouse has to cover those jobs. This may seem like a small thing, but it can drastically change a relationship over time.

Personality changes can be daunting, as well. For example, someone who used to be happy and laid back all of the time could become moody, angry and depressed. This is really when the spouse doesn’t feel like he or she knows the partner anymore.

Styles of communication may also change. Some people end up talking and sharing far less than they used to, which can cause communication to break down between the couple. In a situation that is already highly stressful, this can increase the stress levels yet again. On top of that, both people — the one who was injured and the supporting spouse — may feel like they have to go through everything alone.

These are just three examples, but they show how important it is to understand potential changes and to know how to cope with them. Professional treatment may be able to help, so it’s wise to look into your rights to compensation for this expense in Colorado.

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