Apps Can Disable Phones While Driving

On Behalf of | May 13, 2016 | Car Accidents

Texting and driving is a huge issue, one of the main reasons that drivers are distracted and cause accidents in Colorado and all over the United States. One way that some people have decided to combat this is by creating apps that can shut down those phones.

Essentially, if the app is turned on, it just waits to see how fast the phone is moving. If it’s going over a certain threshold, indicating that it’s likely in a car, then it shuts the phone down and locks the user out. Some apps focus on texting, blocking that feature since it’s often the most dangerous.

Now that this technology is available, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation is looking into it. Some have proposed that these apps should be required on all phones and that laws should be passed making them mandatory. This would make it so all new phones would lose the ability to text in the car unless the users illegally modified them.

The problem, proponents say, is that people won’t use these apps enough if they have the choice. It’s a good technology, but someone who wants to text only has to turn the app off and start texting. As long as the user is making the choice, there is still a danger — after all, every driver has the choice of whether or not to text, no matter what apps are being used. People who choose to do so still will.

No new laws are on the books yet, but it will be important to watch and see if changes are coming. Additionally, if you were injured in an accident, make sure you look into your legal options to seek compensation.

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