Urgent Questions About Car Accidents

"What do I do after a car crash?"

If you or a loved one is hurt in the crash, after receiving appropriate emergency medical care, the most important thing you can do is to make sure you have an attorney looking out for your rights.

Yes, this may seem self-serving coming from a law firm, but it's the truth. Other than ensuring that you receive medical treatment and making sure there is a police report, the most important thing to do in the aftermath is make sure your rights are protected. Having an attorney on your side will level the playing field with the insurance company, guid eyou through what to do after a crash and ensure that your claim is preserved.

It is far better to speak to an attorney and not need to make a legal claim than it is to be at the mercy of the insurance adjuster.

"How did this happen?"

The answer to this question will be an important factor in your case, with the answer being used to build a case for recovering the compensation you deserve. The Law Office of Chadwick McGrady, P.C., works with Colorado's finest investigators and professional experts to gather evidence and demonstrate the need for financial compensation.

"How can an attorney help me?"

Trial lawyer Chadwick McGrady has a simple philosophy when it comes to personal injury cases and his role. It is his job to keep it simple: keep it simple for the client, the judge, the jury and the opposition. This means making sure his clients understand their rights, the judge understands the merits of the case, the jury understands your need for compensation and — just as important — the opposition knows it will be held accountable.

"I don't have health insurance. How can I get treatment?"

This is a great question.

If you do not have health insurance, you may receive some coverage from your own med-pay auto insurance policy. If you were struck by an uninsured or underinsured motorist, you may be able to collect uninsured/underinsured coverage through your own policy. Sometimes, it may be necessary to retain a medical expert to calculate and anticipate your future or necessary medical treatment and costs. Chad McGrady works with medical experts who can make this opinion for you.

Finally, we can sometimes make arrangements with doctors who are willing to treat patients on contingency whereby the doctor will be paid from your recovery. This means the doctor will be paid as part of your eventual settlement or jury award.

"I still have questions. What now?"

Attorney Chadwick McGrady and his staff hope you have found this car accident FAQ helpful as you consider your options. Still have questions? Contact the firm in Grand Junction at 970-644-5599 today for your free initial consultation.