Aviation Accidents: Advice From A Fellow Pilot

Attorney Chadwick McGrady Is A Pilot Who Knows The Law

If you were seriously injured in an aviation crash or have lost a loved one in an airplane or helicopter crash in Colorado, you need a lawyer who understands the regulations, pilot actions and maintenance required of aircraft. Personal injury trial attorney Chadwick McGrady is a licensed pilot who owns and operates a PA-18 Super Cub, and he is ready to fight to help you recover a full and fair money damages settlement.

Don't Lose Twice After An Aviation Accident

It is often a mistake to think that the insurance company will pay you fairly for your serious injury or wrongful death claim. People who try to handle such claims themselves often turn to the Law Office of Chadwick McGrady, P.C., for help after they hit a brick wall. Attorney Chadwick McGrady will gather all of the reports and medical records and ensure that you get the right doctor and medical experts to help you recover. Chad McGrady will ensure that the crash site has been properly investigated and fault assigned.

Pay Nothing Unless You Win

Mr. McGrady represents serious injury and wrongful death claims resulting from all types of aviation and motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Personal light aircraft crashes
  • Commercial and charter flight crashes
  • Oil rig helicopter transport crashes
  • Fishing and tourist plane crashes
  • Helicopter skiing crashes and incidents

"As a licensed pilot, I know the routines, maintenance schedules and regulations that govern flying light aircraft safely. I know what questions to ask and where evidence can be found in your favor." — Attorney Chadwick McGrady

Contact the firm's office in Grand Junction, Colorado, to put an experienced pilot and trial lawyer on your side.