Snowmobile Accidents: Colorado Sports And Common Injuries

Were You Injured In a Snow Machine or Snowmobile Accident?

Colorado offers the best opportunities for snow machine riding anywhere in the world. Thousands of residents and visitors use snowmobiles for business and recreation every year. Unfortunately, not everyone on a snow machine is qualified to ride them or avoids the use of drugs and alcohol on the trails. Accidents caused by drunk and unqualified snowmobilers often result in serious injuries.

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Often, snowmobile and snow machine owners don't carry insurance, or don't stay at the scene of the accident long enough to exchange information. The Law Office of Chadwick P. McGrady, P.C., is ready to help. Personal injury attorney Chad McGrady has many years of experience representing injured snow machine riders and dealing with insurance companies, often including the victim's own insurance policy.

"Snow machines require a special kind of insurance policy. Make sure you understand the coverage limitations and requirements. Be prepared for the hurdles the insurance company will put up." Attorney Chad McGrady.

Contact the law firm to schedule a free consultation about your snowmobile or snowmachine injury. If you are unable to travel to Mr. McGrady's office, he will come see you. The firm handles all serious personal injury and wrongful death claims on a contingency fee basis. You don't pay attorney fees until you recover money in a settlement or jury award.

Grand Junction personal injury lawyer Chad McGrady has experience representing victims of all types of snow machine crashes and other motor vehicle crashes, including:

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