Skiing Accidents: Safety On The Slopes

When you combine a piece of equipment that is designed to move effortlessly over frozen terrain with human beings, accidents are bound to happen. While skiing poses risks, negligent acts can greatly increase the odds that someone is hurt or killed.

This is particularly relevant in our neck of the woods, as Colorado is a world-famous destination for skiers. Over the years, there have been many skiing accidents in Colorado, some of which involved global celebrities who lost their lives on our slopes.

You don't have to be famous to have your life and your family affected by a ski accident. All it takes is one act of negligence, one piece of defective equipment or one resort failing to take appropriate safety precautions.

Injured? You Have Rights.

The Law Office of Chadwick McGrady, P.C., can protect them. As you seek the compensation you need for medical costs, lost earnings and other complications, it is in your best interest to have proven representation on your side.

Personal injury trial lawyer Chadwick McGrady will not take "no" for an answer as he engages with the insurance companies. He knows the tricks they play, so he prepares every case for the possibility of trial, where his goal is to simplify matters for the judge and jury.

Mr. McGrady pursues personal injury and wrongful death claims against ski resorts, lift operators, skiers, snowboarders and product manufacturers in cases involving:

  • Collisions
  • Lift accidents
  • Neglected slopes
  • Improperly groomed trails (cross-country skiing)
  • Defective equipment

Hurt In A Ski Or Snowboard Accident? Get The Outcome You Deserve.

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