Criminal Defense

Defending The Accused, Protecting Their Presumption Of Innocence

When the state gets it wrong, what can you do?

In western Colorado, you can turn to the Law Office of Chadwick McGrady, P.C., for the robust defense you deserve. He has extensive experience taking on the prosecution and obtaining the best possible outcome for his clients in Grand Junction and beyond.

Bad Things Can And Do Happen To Good People

Criminal charges are no exception.

Chadwick McGrady has experience defending folks in cases ranging from first-degree murder and serious assault to misdemeanor driving and fish and game offenses.

How does this happen?

Police officers can conduct sloppy investigations, and district attorneys can get their facts wrong. They're human after all. Chadwick McGrady focuses his practice on helping people just like you who have been wronged by the system.

When he takes on criminal cases, he puts his heart and soul into them. He charges fixed fees for criminal cases, allowing him to dig in and overwork the case on behalf of his clients.

In Colorado, often a lesser-degree misdemeanor has a small fine. But along with the charge and conviction, a citizen can lose his or her rights. For example, certain fish and game offenses call for a loss of hunting or fishing privileges for one to five years. Also, assault charges can result in loss of gun ownership rights. And driving offenses can result in the loss of a person's privilege to drive. Chad McGrady has the experience to defend your rights.

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