Client Testimonials

"I was rear ended on the way to work. A month after the crash, Allstate offered me $2,000.00 to settle my claim. When I met with Mr. McGrady, I showed him the settlement check and release. Mr. McGrady believed my claim could have more value. I hired Mr. McGrady. He sent the check and release back to Allstate. After filing suit and litigating my case, I settled for policy limits in excess of $170,000.000. I appreciate that I never accepted Allstate's check."

-A.R. January 2017

"Chad is one hell of a trial lawyer. He's tried four jury trials for me. He's flawless in trial. He's like a movie star to watch him work."

- Michael Anthony Roberts

"I am very happy with the legal services Chad provided me. I was severely injured when I slipped and fell on chicken grease at a grocery store. I hired Chad a week after the fall. The grocery store low-balled me. Chad filed suit. And after intensive negotiation, the grocery store paid out a six figure settlement. Chad put my interest first. He negotiated the Veteran's Administration's lien to a third of the claimed amount after the settlement. I am very thankful to Chad."

- Roy Barnett

"I hired Chad as my personal injury lawyer after firing my first lawyer. While a passenger on a motorcycle, I sustained serious injuries when a car crashed into the motorcycle I was riding. Chad unlike my first lawyer worked diligently, answered all my questions, and in less than 9 months recovered full policy limits in excess of $150,000.00 from the responsible insurance companies. After the claim settled, Chad paid from the settlement all my outstanding medical bills and reduced a lien Tricare had on my case. I am very happy I fired my first lawyer and hired Chad."

- Sabrina Kendall

"Hiring Chad was a great benefit for my life when he helped me with two important cases. I first hired Chad when a trooper cited me for speeding. The ticket concerned me because I worked as a long haul truck driver. Somehow, at trial, Chad convinced the judge to throw out the ticket because the trooper lacked evidence. At the same time, I had sustained severe injuries while driving a load through Canada when another trucker rear-ended me. I had no idea what to do. Chad investigated my case, found the responsible Canadian insurance company and settled my case for a six figure settlement."

- Jess Gagnon

"Chad helped me during a terrible ordeal. While driving home one night, a trooper followed me into my driveway. When I am closing my garage door, the trooper runs into my garage, grabs me from my car, and handcuffs me to a four-wheeler. The next thing I know I am being charged with felony eluding and drunk driving. I had never been in trouble before. I had hired Chad and he got both charges dropped. When I had questions, Chad answered them even in the middle of the night. At the same time, I had another lawyer doing my divorce. Chad was a night and day difference from him. I recommend Chad to all my friends."

- N.B.

"Chad kept my record clean when I was wrongly charged for animal abuse. When I was in college, I went skiing with my dogs. I go to class and a police officer called me out because two students claimed they saw me abuse my dogs. The prosecutor slapped a bunch of charges on me. Chad took the case to a jury trial and the jury found not guilty on all counts in less than 10 minutes."

- J.K.

"Chad McGrady has been my attorney for over 10 years. He understands the guide business because he is an outdoorsman himself. He has nothing but a hard work ethic and competent legal advice."

- Erik Salitan, registered Alaskan guide, pilot and owner of Bushwhack Alaska Guiding & Outfitting in Wiseman, Alaska, and Talarik Creek Lodge in Lake Iliamna, Alaska, and star of National Geographic's "Life Below Zero"